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Here is the SOZN Brand being bigger business methods!

Release time:2017-01-16 18:15

Under the leadership of Dajunmei, coupled with the introduction of advanced technology in  Korea, after forging under layers of quality control.With the small make up to reveal the highlights and quality: 

SOZN LED TV with ultra-thin metal body, he shape is more engaging, more stylish. Ultra narrow edge design, big screen unaware, no sense of fault, more decorative.

Image quality
4K ultra-clear picture quality, see more details to meet your various viewing requirements. 3D color enhancement, restore the true color, give you a wealth of color performance, make you feel immersive visual experience.

Using super hardware configuration, improve processing speed, reduce energy consumption, also screen processing is its capability.

The sound quality
Using the latest engine to support Dolby decoding and other types of decoding ,presents the intelligent 3 d sound for you.

Space is limited, can not fully show all the advantages of Dajunmei. Dajunmei hope that more people join our family, faster step, enjoy the high costly of smart electrical services.

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