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Get more information about Corporate and Spring Festival to it?

Release time:2017-01-17 16:19

The popularity of Advertising machine greatly facilitateour consumer's advice and the spread of products, By the simple rigid output translate into catch consumers' attention and actively participate in it.

Dajunmei relying on strong research and development of LED TV manufacturing advantage, we handle a butcher's cleaver skillfully on the research and development of Advertising machine. Now we can produce a variety of sizes of advertising machine,also offer personalized custom function.

As the Spring Festival,people are busy back to hometown, they could see the advisement player everywhere, Road conditions reported in a timely manner,The real-time feedback congestion, they could see on the display. Whether the government or the company,even small restaurants  we could advertising machine,if you don't believe, the queuing for number of machine is a kind of advertising play 

The convenient and quickly of Advertising machine let more and more people are using. Born of electronic technology of Dajunmei make advertisingmachinehave more unique advantages, clearly  TVimage, ,highe quality function, make the machine more durable,more dazzling. The advantage of high cost performance impel the sales of Dajunmei rising.

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