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Leaders of Guangdong Province attend the CCPIT conference,2017.

Release time:2017-01-18 18:43

Yesterday,CCPIT conference was opened in guangzhou, the vice governor He Zhongyou, Lin tao, President of the host to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.

He Zhongyou fully affirmed the achievements of the provincial trade promotion system in the past year. He pointed out that in the past year, the provincial trade promotion system around the province's overall opening to the outside world, give full play to the unique advantages.

He Zhongyou stressed that in 2017 the provincial trade promotion system should be around the center, the service general situation, implement the opening-up policy, provincial party committee and government. The overall improve the level of the open economy in our province, trying to promote foreign trade and economic cooperation for "increasing benefits share, restructuring"To innovation, to break through, to actual effect, promote the expanded trade promotion work continue to deepen and comprehensive improvement.

At the meeting, President Lin mentioned that they not just to help enterprises solve the problem of hard financing and policy measures in 2017, but also to promote enterprises to sustained economic growth.

President of the Guangdong international chamber of commerce : President Lin and chairman of our company

In this conference, our company was deeply involved inthe construction of "all the way along the way", which made importantcontributions in promoting Guangdong's opening up and cooperation, promotinginvestment and trade, opening up international market, deepening economic andtrade exchanges and improving service level.

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