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8K function is coming in 2017

Release time:2017-02-13 17:52

The development of TV display technology has a history of 100 years,

With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology,tv replacement more and more faster ,a new technology to produce products into the market time has been shortened,from black to heavy CRT TV and LCD/PDP and OLED ,we can see that television has been moving toward a bigger, super slim, high quality of the image which is also the television industry of development in today and even the future direction

All manufacturers are well aware only the latest technology of TV is truly important  to competive with others.


4K TV in the current market penetration rate is extremely high  the price also falls again, 55 inches 4K TV even $two thousand or three thousand can buy, people is more and more to buy high quality image,the size of home TV is getting bigger and bigger, 50 inches have been reduced to the small size, the emergence of large size TV also means that the need for higher resolution and its matching.8K TV seems to be a reasonable appearance.


   8K refers to the resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixel size,it has four times the pixels of 4K,some people think that 8K is the limit of the human eye,picture detail performance unmatched,can fully simulate human vision,to achieve the true sense of the immersive. In 2016 of August,a Japanese TV station first pilot 8K Ultra HD TV, It seems that 4K is not yet popular,The 8K  function is coming. For us, we are ready for the 8K function with the TVs. 

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